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Comprehensive golf course data.

From detailed course directories to precise green contours and hazard mappings, dive into a world where technology meets tradition.


Golf Course APIs

Easy-to-use APIs

Straightforward integration processes and clear documentation. Developers can effortlessly incorporate our data into their applications.

High-Quality Data

Accuracy matters in golf, and it's at the heart of what we do. From the precise layout of greens to the nuanced elevation changes of a course, our APIs offer unparalleled detail and accuracy.

Reliable Access

We understand the importance of uptime and reliability. Our infrastructure is designed to provide consistent, dependable access to our APIs.

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Greens API

Unlock detailed outlines of greens with our Greens API. Providing up to 500 points per green, our API delivers unmatched precision, allowing for sophisticated analysis and digital caddying solutions.

Course Directory

Course Directory API

Discover and explore golf courses around the US with our Course Directory API. From local hidden gems to world-renowned courses, get detailed information including location, hole specifics, amenities, and more.


Elevation API

Our Elevation API grants access to accurate elevation data for any location on the golf course. Whether planning your next shot or designing a course simulation, understanding elevation changes is crucial.

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Tees API

Our Tees API provides comprehensive data on tee box locations and distances to the green, accommodating various skill levels and play styles. With distances for front, middle, and back flag placements, this API is essential for precise shot planning and course navigation.


Bunkers API

Master the challenges of the course with our Bunkers API. Access detailed mappings of bunkers, including types (greenside or fairway) and precise locations.

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Golf Weather API

Weather plays a pivotal role in the game of golf, influencing everything from course conditions to the flight of the ball. With our Golf Weather API, we provide an essential tool for golfers, course operators, and sports app developers to anticipate and adapt to the unpredictable weather changes.


...and so much more.

Get Access

Harness the power of detailed golf course data to create immersive, engaging experiences for golfers. Contact us to explore our API offerings through the developer portal and discover how data can drive the evolution of the game.

Custom API Development

Need something unique? Our team specializes in developing custom API solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it's integrating with existing systems or creating bespoke functionalities, we've got you covered.


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